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si se puede

Can't sleep.  This feels like a dream - I did have a dream just like this two days ago and woke up so happy, only to realize it hadn't actually happened.  Shouted myself hoarse and cried my eyes out watching his speech.  My sweetie was back to share it all with me.  (Still crying, all of us, and shaking our heads - amazing.)  And I'm not naive or a sap, but it was the first time I ever looked at a crowd of people waving the American flag and felt not shame, bitterness, or emptiness, but a simple sense of hope and real representation.

Not the end of racism for sure, but maybe the beginning of good possibility for this country and the world.

Fireworks, parties, and honking horns all over the neighborhood.  Strangers on corners hugging, shouting out, and whooping it up.

As a stranger said to us on the street, "It's a new day."

me & the machine

Voting was surprisingly easy this afternoon.  (It turns out that most people in my district went in the early hours.)  Nevertheless it was jam-packed in other districts at my polling place.  Lots of kids, several languages, and my ex-therapist (back from the days when I could afford to have mental health issues ;)

There were a lot of smiles there.  Two young women, first time voters, took each other's photos in front of the booth.

I love our old voting machines with the big, red lever.  As an ex-catholic it always feels like going into the confessional, and the ka-CHUNK! sound the lever activates somehow adds to that feeling of a momentous act about to take place.

I thought about the last eight years in my life, this country, and way beyond.  This election my mother and Lissette's step-father voted for Obama, which is really shocking and hopeful.  I thought about the Black guy around my age on the news this morning who said he's been waiting for this day his entire life.  I put some qi into that machine before turning down the little levers. 

Tonight a gathering with friends, and my sweetie comes home :)

And I hope tomorrow we wake up to greater possibility *


halloween as the good/bad/ugly

Missing my sweetie, but keeping busy.

There are wizards and vampires outside already, and only some of them are kids!

A few days ago I found a gray-blue plaid woolen poncho hanging on someone's from gate (which people do in the Slope all the time - leave clothes, shoes, books for others to take.)  I planned to give to my mother, as a poncho isn't my style, but I kind of love it now because I feel a little like I have wings when I wear it.  And if it's butch enough for Clint Eastwood (not that I'm super butch) then it's good enough for me :)

Yesterday I visited my mother, sister, and brother-in-law in Mamaroneck.  My mother had pretty severe pain and I gave her treatment which left her feeling better and sprightly enough to go out.  We all had a great early dinner at a cafe in the village, complete with brownie dessert.  Later I treated my brother-in-law's torn rotator cuff and got paid in a large container of fabulous, fresh, homemade hummus!

Grand Central is such a weird place to spend time in, and it's funny that I now feel kind of like I know my way around.

On the subway at the beginning of the trip there was an amazing do-wop group singing and passing the hat.  They ended with one of the members urging us to vote Tuesday, and to go with friends and family, to help older people at the polls as well.  He said that change was possible and happening, and that he felt like it was the sixties again because people were waking up and making new possibilities.  I burst into tears right on the F train.

I'm both anxious and hopeful about the election.  When I think about Obama as president it's kind of overwhelming (in such a good way!)  Though I know deep change isn't about a single person in power, it would still be so meaningful in a million ways across communities and borders.

Now off to watch the Park Slope Halloween Parade, just down the street *

Dia de los Muertos

For NYC folks and current visitors, there's great-sounding event happening from Thursday night through Sunday night to celebrate the Day of the Dead.  Mano a Mano is holding it at St. Mark's church.

Anyone want to join me on Sunday from 4 - 7 PM?

Here's info about it: http://www.manoamano.us/

Here's info about the Day of the Dead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

It's a good chance to honor the ancestors *


My post-NOLOSE cold never quite left, then managed to merge with allergies in a new and challenging way.  I've had a sore throat to one degree or another for about three weeks.

Family goodness abounds!  My niece A. was in town last week and we got to spend some good time together catching up and sharing music.  She may be spending next semester doing an internship in the city which would be really great :)  My mother is in town from Miami this week and spending most of her time up in Mamaroneck at my sister's place.  Before A. left we all got together up there for a great Thai meal (my mother's first!)  Everyone was there including A's boyfriend K.  Lissette wasn't able to make it because of work, but she joined us back in the Slope for a good falafel lunch on Sunday.

Lissette leaves for Miami herself tomorrow.  She'll be gone a week visting her parents and mine.  I'll miss her so much even though it's brief.  (I always do when she's away.)  We'll talk every night, and that helps.

Last night Lissette made a Duncan Heinz fudge cake with olive oil - and it was weird, but good!  I almost wanted to put a little pesto on it.

Since I've been so nasally congested lately I've started using a neti pot.  This is quite intense and leaves me sputtering, but I like the results!  Any advice from others who do neti?

Teaching has been fun lately.  I taught a de-escalation workshop to a group of queer South-Asian youth this weekend and one fellow managed to incorporate a flaming baton into his role-play :)

the state of everything (which is OK)

I'm still struggling with the post-NOLOSE cold, and it's kicking my ass. 

I've started the licensure process and already can't wait to see the end of it.  (But yay!  Started it!)

Last weekend my friends hosted a Moveon.org Obama callathon party to mobilize volunteers in swing states.  I called about 40 people in a small county in Virginia from my cell phone and had some great conversations.  I got a horse farmer (talking to me from the barn phone) who told me that he's been in touch with at least two dozen friends and family members who are registered republicans, but are voting for Obama.  His grandfather died two weeks ago, and this weekend he's driving to his grandmother's assisted living facility to pick up her absentee ballot.  She's voting for Obama.  I did have one elderly man call me back and politely explain to me that I'm in danger of going to hell.  In the end he said he'd pray for me and I wished him well.  It was a pretty amazing experience that we found each over the phone in a world that feels like it separates people like us so completely.

Health stuff ahead...Collapse )

THE meme!


Oooooun :))!!!


did it, at last!

My graduation was last night. 

There are photos below the cut to prove this!

Three plus years of learning with mind, body, spirit (though not necessarily at the same time :)

Graduation highlights:

1) Having Lissette and family meet three beloved teachers, people who have inspired me deeply.

2) My teacher and mentor Jeffrey presenting me with with a rice paper sheet of his caligraphy with the character for "knowledge," which he created specifically for me.  (And him speaking about me which made me blush and cry simultaneously.)

3) My brother-in-law instantly emailing my father photos of me with my diploma, and my father calling me immediately to congratulate me.  (He and my mother are in Miami and unable to make it.)  My mother was so happy and sweet on the phone, and my father told me he was proud of me - something I don't remember him saying ever before.  (This made me cry and smile simultaneously :)

Click below for photos.

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks to all those friends out there who have supported me and been patient with me over these years of missed calls, parties, and events.  Hopefully I can make up for lost time.  And if I can't make your party, I can happily give you a treatment!


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